The Business Baron Club India introduces and promotes “only” Indian Companies, Business Community, Entrepreneurs, Government departments, Trust’s, NGO’s and others to attract European attention and potential business for Indian members. This platform would recognize, create and act upon opportunities and in bringing both Indian and European business communities closer through our network. Based on membership package in the Business Baron Club India, Companies, organization or business will get promoted under The Business Barons Club India roof during special events and occasions.

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The Culture Club India presents only Indian history, arts, literature, dance, music, science, technology, royals, honourables and much more. The Culture Club India is a networking platform for like-minded people having passion in sharing knowledge and views of Indian culture in abroad. Themes from the past, present and future will be highlighted.

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BBC Your Choice of Network

1st The past, present future ‘’Venture Capital India’’

2nd The Paste Present Future of Banking India

CCI Share your hobby knowledge & passion

1st The past, present future ‘’India’s Film Industry’’

2nd quarter The past present future ‘’ Fashion India’’

Agenda 2017

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